Reading Vs Educational videos

3 min readJun 6, 2022

This is one of the most impractical questions we can ask. A nonlogical question which we got used to seeing and hearing without even thinking about. It is the same as asking whether we’d prefer the sun or the moon.

But for the sake of argument let’s list the known opinions that have been brought up by most of the people who ignited the comparison:

1. The Activeness Vs Passiveness Argument:

Reading is a hands-on activity where we have to use more than one sense to digest the information that we are reading. Reading needs our alertness.

On the other hand, watching videos is considered more of a passive activity. Which doesn’t need as much alertness as reading does.

2. The Objectivity and Subjectivity Argument:

Reading presents more objective and descriptive information for the reader.

Watching videos gives the watcher only a subjective view but accompanied by convenience.

3. The Controllability Argument:

Readers can dictate the pace of their reading. Contrarily, watching videos edicts the pace of receiving the information.

4. The Dedication and precision Argument:

Most of the books take at least a year to be published and it can go up to 3–4 years. This gives the writer a lot of time to review and rewrite, then comes the editing and so on. So we end up with a book that could be read in a couple of hours that took at least a year to be presented to us. Which means that the content is wisely chosen leading the book to be a heavy meal for the readers.

While new videos for example on youtube come out every week or maximum every month. This doesn’t allow for much time being spent on the content. So, the information conveyed through the video is mostly not as heavily informed as a book would be. There are some exceptions in documentary films.

Now since we listed the obvious arguments that always come to mind when talking about this topic. Let’s talk about this issue from another perspective. The question that we should be asking is: How can we integrate the different essential methods of apprehending information? How can we integrate audio books, reading, videos, etc… to get…


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