Was Arsène Lupin Real or Imaginary?

Ahmed ElMashad
3 min readNov 7, 2022
Cover of “Arsène Lupin, Gentleman-Cambrioleur” (1907)

If you asked anyone in the world “Who is the most famous detective?boo ”, the one and only answer would be Sherlock Holmes. Searching for a similarly iconic character on the other side of the spectrum, you will inescapably come across the brilliant gentleman thief Arsène Lupin. A gentleman who, contrary to the reputation of his profession, worked and lived by his admirable moral code.

This man delicately and calmly smiled upon confronting any dangerous situation, even death he faced with iron nerves. Lupin was created by the famous French writer Maurice Leblanc in 1905 and soon became a global cultural phenomenon. A strange thief who helped the poor and at the same time didn’t stop being a nuisance to the authorities. He is known for his nobility, magnanimity, honor, geniality, and perfecting his disguise.

Arsène Lupin is characterised by a rather extraordinary style of robbing people. He loved warning his victims in advance and gave them enough time to take precautions and inform the police before making his move. By this, Lupin lost any thief’s advantage — the element of surprise — . Despite continuously putting himself in dangerous situations, he successfully dodged their consequences in the most ingenious, unbelievable ways.

All of Lupin’s thefts are defined by his geniality and extraordinary bravery, which gave him the ability to openly ridicule the French police using his miraculous intelligence and strength. He was called the Robin Hood of his time, and was nothing but decent in his choices, which explains why he was not short of earning many women’s admiration as well. Also, let’s not forget that he defeated all the detectives of his time, even the great Sherlock Holmes, though he admired and respected him greatly.

Arsène Lupin vs. Herlock Sholmes

Arsène Lupin’s rules :

1- Don’t kill anyone ever.

2- Steal only from the parasitical rich people (who are in his point of view the judges, bosses, soldiers, and the clergy, … Etc.)

3- Don’t ever steal from useful classes who help in shaping and developing the community (who are in his point of view the doctors, engineers and…

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